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Eddie Cochran Fan Corner

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Antoon van Olderen at Eddie Cochran's grave site
Your webmaster of 'Remember Eddie Cochran', Antoon van Olderen, at Eddie Cochran's grace site at Forest Lawn Memorial on October 4th, 2013

The Cochran Connection - Editor William "Bill" Beard  A tribute to William "Bill" Beard
1950 - 2012

Bill was the editor of the Eddie Cochran Connection magazine from 1998 to 2010 and a noted Cochran expert. He visited Eddie's family in the USA many times and sought any and every connection with Eddie both in the US and UK. Bill always had his voice recorder on hand to record those Cherished Memories of Eddie Cochran.
The Cochran Connection - Editor William "Bill" Beard 
Bill Beard and DJ Fontana - Chippenham 2004

Bill Beard and DJ Fontana 

Bill Beard and Robert Plant

Bill Beard and Robert Plant 
Bill Beard and Jerry Allison

Bill Beard and Jerry Allison 
Bill Beard and Geoff Barker

Bill Beard and Geoff Barker 

The Eddie Cochran memorial stone at St Martins Hospital Bath Somerset England. It was moved from its original place to its permanent place behind the chapel (a better site).

We had a few problems with the stone as it was put down flat on the ground, not in an upright position, so all of the rain would settle in the groves of the gold lettering. This would start a chemical reaction over a year or so and would fade all of the gold lettering, the lettering almost disappeared. We had the gold lettering replaced, the same thing happened again, so now we had new gold lettering and the head of Eddie Cochran in silver renewed and more new granite added and put in an upright position. It is much larger and a real showpiece. Thanks to the man that did the work on the stone Mr. David Ashwell
The memorial was installed at St Martins in 1998. Myself (ex Bathonion living in the USA for the last 29 years) and a good friend Pete Morgan from Bristol UK have worked on this project from the start. It has been expensive but worth it.

I have been told by a fan in the USA that this is the best memorial stone for Eddie that they have seen, and they have seen them all. I am proud of that.
I was lucky to be present at Eddie’s last show in Bristol; I was back stage for part of the show. I was talking to Gene Vincent back stage and I spotted Eddie about 20 feet away from me. I waved to him and he nodded his head, I started to walk toward him and at that time a security person came over to me and told me “you have to leave, your are not allowed back stage.” I never did get to speak to Eddie.

I would like to thank all of the fans, fan clubs, and websites all over the world for all of the work in keeping the talent of a great musician and singer Eddie Cochran alive for ever.

Thank you. Graham F V Love.

 (May 2011)

  Photos prises le 17 avril dernier à Bell Garden par un ami exilé à Los Angeles. Pas plus de six personnes, semble t-il (deux chicanos, un américain d'une soixantaine d'années, un anglais, mon pote et sa femme américaine….), se sont rendues sur la tombe de Cochran cette journée … 

Gilles Vignal

(17 April 2010)

I visited Eddie, his Mom & Dad & Sharon Sheeley today Easter Sunday 2009.
It was a perfect day
Sharon rests at Eddies feet, his Mother lies just to the left of Eddie and his Father just to the left of her...

Its a beautiful place to say the least.
You can truly feel their presence...

Eddie lives in my Heart as he does in many others.


Bobby "Crow" Richardson

(Easter 2009)

About this site
I'm an Eddie Cochran fan since I bought my first Eddie Cochran album in the eighties. Sure, I love Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent, Elvis Presley, Johnny Burnette, Ritchie Valens and Carl Perkins but Eddie Cochran is really Somethin' Else! For me the most versatile and talented of all the great early rockers.
I felt that Eddie deserved a website which chronicled his unbelievable talented output. There was no such site and after the publication of the great book Don't Forget Me, my mind was made up. I spoke to Darrel Higham twice in Amsterdam in 2002 in the Cruise Inn and in the Maloe Melo. While on stage Darrel told the audience about my website which wasn't even halfway finished then! I really started working on the site after that.
I'm aware of the fact that there's a lot more about Eddie Cochran than is to be seen in this website. I can only hope that I captured some of the brilliance that is Eddie Cochran. If you think I missed some essential Eddie Cochran or if you have comments and or additions just let me know. And if you have a minute please sign the guestbook.
I build this site for Eddie, myself and all you Eddie Cochran fans out there. It was great fun building it, now I can only hope you like it just as much as I do!
Eddie Cochran 
A special word of thanks to
My uncle, the late Martin van Olderen, the well known Blues and Boogie-Woogie promotor and DJ from the Netherlands and founder and owner of the Oldies Blues Records label. He was and still is an inspiration.
Darrel Higham, for keeping Eddie's memory alive in words and music.
Erik Winkler, for his invaluable help in designing this website.
Recordstore Sound Of The Fifties in Amsterdam for providing the bulk of my ever expanding record collection.
My father, Joop van Olderen.
But most of all... thank you Eddie, for giving us all so much joy and inspiration in such a short lifetime!
You will not be forgotten!
Antoon van Olderen
Remember Eddie Cochran